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Version: v0.1

Automatically Invalidate Azure Key Vault Secrets

The Arcus.BackgroundJobs.KeyVault library provides a background job to automatically invalidate cached Azure Key Vault secrets from an ICachedSecretProvider instance of your choice.

How does it work?#

This automation works by subscribing on the SecretNewVersionCreated event of an Azure Key Vault resource and placing those events on a Azure Service Bus Topic; which we process in our background job.

Automatically Invalidate Azure Key Vault Secrets

To make this automation operational, following Azure Resources has to be used:

  • Azure Key Vault instance
  • Azure Service Bus Topic
  • Azure Event Grid subscription for SecretNewVersionCreated events that are sent to the Azure Service Bus Topic


Our background job has to be configured in ConfigureServices method:

using Arcus.Security.Core;using Arcus.Security.Core.Caching;using Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection;
public class Startup{    public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)    {        // An 'ISecretProvider' implementation (see: to access the Azure Service Bus Topic resource;        //     this will get the 'serviceBusTopicConnectionStringSecretKey' string (configured below) and has to retrieve the connection string for the topic.        services.AddSingleton<ISecretProvider>(serviceProvider => ...);
        // An `ICachedSecretProvider` implementation which secret keys will automatically be invalidated.        services.AddSingleton<ICachedSecretProvider>(serviceProvider => new CachedSecretProvider(mySecretProvider));
        services.AddAutoInvalidateKeyVaultSecretBackgroundJob(            // Prefix of the Azure Service Bus Topic subscription;            //    this allows the background jobs to support applications that are running multiple instances, processing the same type of events, without conflicting subscription names.            subscriptionNamePrefix: "MyPrefix"
            // Connection string secret key to a Azure Service Bus Topic.            serviceBusTopicConnectionStringSecretKey: "MySecretKeyToServiceBusTopicConnectionString");    }}

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